Training Plans – one week in the life….

So what does my Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam training schedule look like, some eight weeks before my leg of the event starts? Well, partly so that I can think about what I need to change and focus on moving forwards, here is what the past seven days has involved.

Reading this, you need to be aware that my training is based around my sport of triathlon, and that I thrive on variety:

  • Monday – two hours of cross-training (6.15pm-8.20pm) – a one hour BodyPump class followed by a one hour Body Attack class.
  • Tuesday – rest day
  • Wednesday – staying away so an early morning training hour at the hotel – in the gym at 6.45am for 30 mins, followed by a 30 mins swim set.
  • Thursday – I usually do a circuits class, but domestic arrangements meant that at 6pm I did another one hour Body Attack class, with a 10 mins cycle to/from the leisure centre
  • Friday – late home from a London meeting, so just a 30 mins run at 7pm, followed by a celebratory dinner (just won a new contract at work!)
  • Saturday – slightly fuzzy head soon cleared by 45 mile hill focused cycle training session with my Thames Valley Triathletes cycle group. Left home at 8.30am, returned at 12 noon, which equated to just over 4 hours of training (excluding the stops at meet points etc.)
  • Sunday – Marlow Duathlon – 9am start for 2 hours 10 mins of competitive (high intensity) exercise involving a 7km run; 25km cycle and then a second lap of the 7km run course.

Overall, the past seven days has included 12 hours of training. Happy with both the volume and intensity of that training activity, although moving forwards, the balance needs to change as only 40% of the past week’s training has been cycling based.

The good news is that the start of British Summer Time next weekend means that we will have light until 7.30pm which opens up the opportunity for midweek evening cycle training. I also need to keep the intensity up, so the local Thursday evening Maidenhead CC Time Trial will start to feature in the coming weeks. Also April has a great choice of sportives, for a longer organised ride on Sundays.

More on my cycle sportive plans to follow in a subsequent post, for those interested in joining me for a ride.


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